Living in Järvenpää

LepolaJärvenpää, located at the northern end of Lake Tuusula, is a pleasant and diverse residential city that offers excellent opportunities for recreation, studying, work and entrepreneurship. In Järvenpää you can choose to live in the city centre, in any of the blocks of flats or single-family houses located throughout the city or in a country setting near water and nature. Some 300–400 new houses and flats are built each year in the city of 41,000 people.

Järvenpää's commercial and public services are comprehensive and close at hand. Distances inside the city are short, regardless of how you get around. Also the distance to Helsinki and its near-lying areas is short and the traffic connections are efficient, as the city is located along a main railway line and the Helsinki–Lahti direct line as well as close to two motorways. The nearest airport is just half an hour away by car. Despite its excellent location, Järvenpää is a relatively affordable place to live.

Flats owned and managed by the City of Järvenpää can be applied for through Järvenpään Mestariasunnot Oy at Mannilantie 43, 2nd floor, 04400 Järvenpää, tel. (09) 279 8340. Residents are selected for these flats based on their housing needs, wealth and income.

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