Multicultural early childhood education and preschool

Multicultural early childhood education supports children in learning to respect differences and cultural diversity. The early childhood education of children with an immigrant background additionally supports Finnish as a second language and learning their native language.

Multiculturalism is built up through cultures meeting in the daily course of daycare and preschool. It consists of interaction, shared activities and learning from one another.

The early childhood education and preschooling of immigrant children carries out general educational objectives. In addition, teaching aimed at immigrants has special objectives, which are carried out within the limits set by local resources and various solutions.

A second language teacher operates within Järvenpää's early childhood education system. The teacher is based at the Jamppa daycare centre and can be reached at tel. 040 315 2961.

The early childhood education and preschooling of children with a foreign background follows the Finnish as a second language curriculum for early childhood education and preschool, which provides a comprehensive picture of how the studies are organised, and their objectives, contents and assessment.

Multicultural education

Attendance at school is compulsory for children of immigrant background who reside in Finland permanently. Some 150 children who come from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds study in Järvenpää schools. Education is arranged based on the children's earlier learning history. Co-operation between the home and school takes into account the family's cultural background and their experiences of the educational system in their native country.

Preparatory instruction for immigrants

The City of Järvenpää organises preparatory instruction for immigrants in preschool or primary school in connection with basic education in collaboration with their early childhood education institution and at Kartano school for other elementary school aged children. Teaching is meant for students who need support in skills required for attending school and increased proficiency in the Finnish language prior to starting their basic education. The goal of preparatory instruction is to further the balanced development of the student and his/her integration into Finnish society, and to provide the skills needed for transferring to basic education. Following the preparatory instruction, the students transfer to the primary school group in Järvenpää that is closest to their own age. The preparatory instruction lasts a maximum of one year.

Finnish as a second language

Finnish as a second language is one of the courses offered. Its objectives and contents differ from the study of Finnish as a first language. Instruction in Finnish as a second language is provided to students whose native language or language spoken at home is neither Finnish nor Swedish. It can also be taught to returnees and students who have resided overseas for long periods. The school decides which course the student will take.

For further information on teaching different language and cultural groups, please contact the Coordinator of Education for Immigrant Children, Liisa Pulkkinen at tel. 040 315 2399 and the leading expert in basic education, Arja Korhonen at tel. 040 315 2206