Health-Care Services

sairaanhoitajaJärvenpää's health-care services offer basic health care, such as doctor and nurse consultations, occupational health care, welfare clinic services, dental-health services, mental-health and substance-abuse services, rehabilitation services and health-care-centre hospital care.

Dental-health appointments

Appointments are made via the dental health-care phone number, at (09) 2719 3320 (Mon–Thu 8 am–3.30 pm, Fri and on the eves of official holidays 8 am–2 pm). The need for and urgency of treatment is assessed immediately by a dental health-care professional.

Health-care clinics

Health-care unit service hours Mon, Tue, Thu from 8 am to 4 pm, Wed and Fri from 8 am to 2.30 pm

JUST - Järvenpään uusi sosiaali- ja terveyskeskus health-care unit / health-care centre

Lääkärinkuja 1, 04410 Järvenpää

  • doctor and nurse consultations, emergencies, rehabilitation, laboratory, X-rays, specialist doctors, nutritionist, inpatient ward and the 'hospital at home' office, diabetes clinic, medical equipment dispensation for those with long-term illnesses, foot therapy



Doctor and nurse consultation appointments

When making an appointment, be sure to have a pen, paper, your Kela card and a calendar handy. An appointment will be made by a nurse, who will assess your situation and need for treatment and make an appointment for you accordingly in the correct location to see either a doctor or a nurse.

  • The call time for making an appointment in non-urgent matters is on Mon–Fri from 8.15 to 10 am tel. (09) 2719 3666
  • Call for guidance, counseling or information on the treatment on Mon, Tue, Thu from 10 am to 4 pm, Wed and Fri from 10 am to 2.30 pm (callback requests until 2 pm) tel. (09) 2719 3676

During the service hours there is an automatic callback system in both of the above-mentioned services where you can request a callback according the instructions given in the system. 


In case of an emergency, call 112, for example in the case of a heart attack or seizure, unconsciousness or a life-threatening situation. If you are unsure whether a situation is an emergency or not, it is always better to call and ask. The emergency staff on duty will assess the situation and advise you on where you should seek help.

For emergencies during office hours on weekdays, the following are open for assistance:

  • health-care centre emergency services, health-care units, mental health and substance abuse units, dental care units, welfare clinics and social workers.

Health-care centre emergency services

Emergency services are available 7 days a week, from 8 am until 8 pm at JUST health-care unit on Lääkärinkuja 1, 04410 Järvenpää, tel. (09) 2719 3360.

Night-time emergency services are available every day from 8 pm until 8 am at Hyvinkää hospital, Sairaalakatu 1, Hyvinkää, tel. (019) 458 5700.

Emergency services are intended for patients who experience an acute illness or injury that requires immediate examination and treatment.