Family services

Maahisen kuvaEvery child and young person is entitled to a good life. A good life involves simple things: children play, grow, learn and develop at home, as part of a family, in daycare and in school. Services for families are a part of the day-to-day life, and sometimes celebrations, of all families in Järvenpää. Parents may sometimes need a helping hand in their child-rearing duties. Sometimes children need support and assistance in learning and attending school. Youth can face a number of complex issues that they need help with.

Welfare clinics monitor the general health and well-being of families during pregnancy and early childhood, and discuss issues related to child-rearing and family life. In family services, the child and the parents are supported in matters concerning the child's development and learning. Family centres offer both parents and children company, rejuvenation and activities.

School nurses, guidance counsellors and psychologists are both the student's and parents' co-operation partner in day-to-day school life, and when support and encouragement for learning and attending school are required.

The family counselling clinic helps families in cases where there are concerns about the child's behaviour, social skills, and psychological well-being.

Family Social Services covers family work, child protective services, the Auerkulma family support centre, the Central Uusimaa social services on-call centre, and family law services.

The family law unit serves families in Järvenpää, Kerava, and Tuusula in matters concerning confirmation of paternity, child custody, and child living arrangements, as well as contractual matters concerning visitation rights and child support. In addition, the unit draws up, on the district court's request, reports on a family's situation, detailing a child's custody and visitation matters; the unit also co-ordinates the negotiation of family issues. The family legal unit serves customers during office hours on weekdays, except on Thursdays, when customer service extends until 6 pm, and on Fridays, by special agreement. You must have an appointment to see a child welfare officer or social worker. To schedule an appointment with a child welfare officer, please call the reservation number at 040 315 2396 Mon–Thu 9–11 am and Fri 9–10 am

The student health-care service is intended for high school students and their parents or guardians as they face a wide range of issues concerning youth and studies.

The youth counselling clinic assists in cases of health and life-management issues faced by youth.

Family Centre Maahinen (in picture) offers families, for instance, playground activities and early childhood education club activities.

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